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Gallerie WHITE SPACE is a contemporary, friendly and affordable art Gallery based in the centre of Augsburg, Germany. It sells the atmospheric, award-winning, museum calibre work, of artist and owner, Catherine Pennington-Meyer.

At White Space, we recognise that your choice of art reflects your unique personality and style. Art is an investment in joy, the joy of discovering a piece that resonates with you, the joy of creating a space that feels uniquely yours. It's not just about decoration; it's a form of self-expression. Let the walls of your home or office speak volumes about who you are and what you value. Our exclusive collection offers you a unique fusion of artistic expression and high-end interior style. With art from White Space, we`ll help you create the right space, unique to you.

Gallerie WHITE SPACE ist eine zeitgenössische Kunstgalerie im Zentrum Augsburgs, in Deutschland. Sie verkauft die originellen,  und höchst atmosphärischen Werke der Künstlerin und Inhaberin, Catherine Pennington-Meyer.

The Artist

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The Artist

Catherine Pennington-Meyer is a multi award-winning artist who lives and works in Augsburg, near Munich, in Germany. Her high-quality, inspirational work concentrates primarily on abstract expressionism. Catherine has participated in exhibitions throughout Europe and the US (including participation in an exhibition in the European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM) in Barcelona in 2023). She has quickly established a prestigious collector base throughout the world which includes royalty. In addition to White Space, and online platforms such as Kooness and Singulart, she is currently represented through Wychwood Art Gallery in the UK, Artoui Gallery in Munich and Five3 Gallery in the U.S. In addition, Catherine has recently signed with an art licensing company in the U.S. More

Die Künstlerin

Catherine Pennington-Meyer ist eine mehrfach preisgekrönte Künstlerin, die in Augsburg bei München in Deutschland lebt und arbeitet. Ihr hochwertiges, inspirierendes Werk konzentriert sich hauptsächlich auf den abstrakten Expressionismus. Catherine Pennington-Meyer hat an Ausstellungen in ganz Europa und den USA teilgenommen (u. a. an einer Ausstellung im Europäischen Museum für Moderne Kunst (MEAM) in Barcelona im Jahr 2023). Sie hat sich schnell einen angesehenen Sammlerstamm in der ganzen Welt aufgebaut, zu dem auch königliche Persönlichkeiten gehören. Neben White Space und Online-Plattformen wie Kooness und Singulart wird sie derzeit von der Wychwood Art Gallery im Vereinigten Königreich, der Artoui Gallery in München und der Five3 Gallery in den USA vertreten. Außerdem hat Catherine vor kurzem einen Vertrag mit einem Kunstlizenzunternehmen in den USA abgeschlossen.Mehr

contemporary art gallery of the year 2020 munich & south bavaria prestige awards

Sandra Rosso

"Dear Catherine,
The first two paintings which we bought from you made our lovely apartment into a home. The third
- my absolute favourite painting – touches something in my soul, that I can`t explain, and every
visitor says the same thing. It is the painting from your childhood in Scotland that goes, fittingly,
very well with the cabinet in which the whisky is kept. It found this place by itself, through its own
power. Hearty greetings and much success."

Robbie and Julie Ondrusek

"We were enticed in to the gallery by a beautiful painting that was among two that we purchased and
had shipped to the USA. The whole experience was totally unexpected. We were merely tourists. But
the art was so special and the way we related back to the artist was so compelling. The gallery, itself
was so welcoming. Having two beautiful pieces of art on our wall that we see every day reminds of
our wonderful time in Southern Germany and the many wonderful people we met and amazing
experiences we had there. But even better, it gives us something special we share constantly with
our friends and family."

Gemma Parody

"We are delighted with our paintings from Catherine Pennington - Meyer. Catherine listened to our
ideas and wishes and incorporated them perfectly into her artwork. The whole experience was
highly professional and friendly, and the finished artworks are of great quality. We highly
recommend Catherine Pennington- Meyer´s work."

Family Dr. Verwied

"We bought two paintings from Catherine and these match perfectly with our interior. It is a delight
to see them every day! One brings us calm and somehow poetry and the other is energising! This
shows definitely the vast talent of Catherine. A big thank to her for making our walls beautiful."

Baroness Olga von Loringhoven

"Catherine Pennington- Meyer is an amazingly talented and truly unique artist. Her work is
multifaceted, emotional, breathtakingly beautiful and radiant. Her paintings seem to shine from
within and possess an incredible depth."

Baron Patrick von Loringhofen

"We may call two of Catherine`s paintings our own: Two works which lend life, light and depth to our home. The paintings exude warmth and a soothing feeling. The artworks which are exhibited in White Space Gallery show further new, directions and development which we eagerly follow."

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