Please see below a selection of Catherine Pennington-Meyer`s artworks. This is just a small selection of available work.
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This is a vibrant contemporary abstract, capturing the feeling of an early spring morning. It is fresh and full of bright energy, a sense of awakening and expectation. Lush pinks, lilacs, blues & greens reference the vibrancy of springtime flowers, blue skies and the unfurling of greenery. It's one to wakeup the senses and usher a feeling of optimism into a space.

Acrylic paint on 3D canvas

100cm x 120cm



This delicately vibrant abstract floral will add a depth and colour to a space and a relaxed, calming feel.  Painted in a slightly modern, abstract style, this allows a floral theme to be incorporated in a contemporary way.

Acrylic on 3D canvas

140cmx 120cm



Winner in the Blue Art Exhibition by Artist Space Gallery in 2023, this contemporary abstract depicts a peaceful scene at nighttime. It is the artist`s expressionistic interpretation of soft foliage and still waters glistening in the moonlight. It is a soft, peaceful abstract, which nonetheless, is full of vibrant color. The use of gilding adds an extra reflective quality to the piece, and has also been used on the artwork`s surround, giving it a distressed, luxe edge. A beautiful addition to any collection, this is an escapist piece which allows the viewer to be transported into a state of calm.

Acrylic, ink and gilding on 3D canvas

100cm x 120cm



This is a colourful and optimistic abstract, celebrating the bursting forth of the colour and energy of Springtime. It has the accompanying (tongue in cheek) prose below:

Icy fingers, crystalline; Lines on my spine receed, decline and sublime is the sunshine as temperatures climb and and bird‘s songs entwine, on the sky. And it seems that Springtime Is almost here, almost mine...About time.

Acrylic& ink on canvas,

140cmx 100cm



"Flux" is a dynamo of an abstract artwork. This dramatic piece, full of movement, captures the metamorphosis, and transformation that lies at the core of the human experience. With its raw, writhing energy, vibrant colors, and uncompromising brushstrokes, this artwork draws attention into a world where boundaries disappear and new realms of possibility unfold.
In "Flux," energy flows seamlessly from one form into another, bringing forth fundamental change and growth. Embrace the power oftransformation and let this artwork inspire and spark your own journey ofself-evolution.  Awaken both your outer and inner space with thisinspirational work that serves as a testament to the boundless potential withinus all.



This beautiful semi abstract work was exhibited through Blue Blood Gallery in Prague, and also selected for inclusion in The Holy Art Gallery Reflections 2023 exhibition, London.

Colorful, peaceful, deep and vibrant, this piece, depicting water lilies on the surface of dark blue pools, will calm and ground the viewer. There is an innate sense of peace to the artwork which is intensely relaxing.

Acrylic and ink on canvas

90cm x 100cm



Full of movement and emotion, this seascape is at once, both energetic and calming.

It has an accompanying text created by the artist.

Acrylic on aluminium-framed canvas

100cm x 120cm



This abstract won second place in an International art contest with Artio Gallery in the U.S. and was exhibited in The European Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona in August 2023. is the first to combine two styles used by the artist to create a new style. This abstract combines two distinct, existing styles to create a new artistic direction.

Acrylic and ink on 3D canvas

120cm x 100cm



This bright, bold and vibrant abstract floral will add a burst of colour to a space and a sense of positivity. Painted in a graphic, abstract style, this allows a floral theme to be incorporated in a modern, contemporary way.

Acrylic on 3D canvas

100cmx 80cm



This is an uplifting contemporary abstract which references the feeling of lying beneath the boughs of the trees, looking up into the dappled green foliage and blue sky above.

Acrylic and ink on 3D canvas

100cm x 140cm



This is a moody, glimmering piece, which is highly textural and a little out of the ordinary. It is painted directly onto linen so that it lies flat onto the wall, which gives it a softness and a nonchalant, informal edge.

Acrylic & ink on canvas

160cm x 127cm



This large, contemporary abstract artwork is full of depth and light. Despite the vivid, fiery tones, it still imbues a relaxing feel due to the soft, cloudy textures of the background and the gentle, sinuous movement of the piece. It was inspired by the recent solar flare and is the artist`s interpretation of the movement of swirling fire.

Acrylic& ink on canvas,

200cmx 100cm



This painting has quite a history… Selected for the Top Selection in the `Artist of Europe Award` exhibition with Pitturi Amo Gallery, and also Talent Award  winner in the Teravarna Landscapes International Art Competition 2023, this painting was also selected for inclusion in The Holy Art Gallery Reflections 2023 exhibition, London.

It is  an intensely peaceful, contemporary abstract is apainting which the viewer can really escape into... Inspired by the poem`Leisure` by WH Davies and  recollectionsof the beautiful countryside of the artist`s childhood, it depicts a calm,tranquil land(e)scape full of soft colour and a fresh feel.

200cm x 100cm,

Acrylic & ink on canvas

€ 1985


This contemporary artwork, which was chosen for inclusion in the XV Giornata del Contemporaneo in Rome, depicts the last rays of sunlight falling over water. It is full of rich colour yet easy to live with and will brighten a space. This painting was also awarded the Merit award in the `Waters` international, juried art competition by Art Room Gallery August 2020.

Acrylic on canvas

140cm x 100cm



This abstract was inspired by the organic shapes of flowers growing in untamed nature. It has a sense of wild freedom to it and is colourful without being overpowering.

Acrylic, gold leaf & ink on canvas

200cm x 100cm



Awarded First Place in the the Grey Cube Gallery International, juried, `Skies` Art Competition, this two metre by two metre piece is a truly impactful abstract, which, full of light and atmosphere, will add drama to a space. This painting was also selected to be published in the Guggenheim edition of the World of Art Magazine at the end of 2020.

Acrylic paint, and ink on 3D canvas

200cm x 200cm

(each panel 100cm x 200cm)



This is a light, uplifting contemporary abstract which seeks to communicate a sense of freedom.

Acrylic paint on 3D canvas

100cm x 140cm



This is an artwork to make the spirit soar, channeling raw emotions onto the canvas. `Ride The Wave` is a contemporary abstract which pulsates with Carpe Diem vibes. Full of fun and bright, swirling colors, it`s a powerfully playful piece which will leave a lasting impression. I harnessed the fluidity of acrylics, the and the depth of inks, creating an abstract dance that embodies life's beautiful chaos and surges of life. It encourages us to enjoy life as much as possible right this second, to live in the moment and to ride the wave of all that life brings, as joyfully and as fully as possible.  This sinuous explosion of color will make any space come alive with vibrancy and energy.

Acrylic ink on 3D canvas

100cm x 200cm