Please see below a selection of Catherine Pennington-Meyer`s artworks. This is just a small selection of available work.
For further details please see my Instagram page or click here to download my latest portfolio as a PDF. Please click on the pictures to enlarge.

Hier finden Sie eine Auswahl der Bilder und Gemälde von Catherine Pennington-Meyer. Klicken Sie auf das Bild um es zu vergrößern. Weitere Details finden Sie auf meiner Instagram page oder downloaden Sie mein Portfolio hier als PDF.


This abstracted landscape draws inspiration from the reimagined spaces of the artist`s childhood in North Yorkshire, and Scotland.

It has an accompanying prose created by the artist.

Acrylic & ink on 3D canvas

200cm x 100cm


This is a delicate yet contemporary and modern abstract depicting water lilies on cool, calm waters. It is both modern and peaceful in nature.

Acrylic & ink on 3D canvas

200cm x 100cm


Fresh and airy, this vibrant abstract is filled with positive energy and delicate colour. It is, as the name suggests, inspired by the light, and new life of Spring time.

Acrylic & ink on 3D canvas

200cm x 100cm


This contemporary abstract is full of raw emotion and movement. A dynamic and energising piece, it will inject interest into a space.

Acrylic and ink on 3D canvas

100cm x 200cm


Serene, yet full of vibrant colour, this contemporary abstract depicts flowers on water and their reflections.

Acrylic and ink on 3D canvas

120cm x 80cm


This abstract piece was inspired by the concept of music as a visual representation.

Acrylic on 3D canvas

100cm x 200cm


Full of movement and emotion, this seascape is at once, both energetic and calming.

It has an accompanying text created by the artist.

Acrylic on aluminium-framed canvas

100cm x 120cm


This abstract is the first to combine two styles used by the artist to create a new style. This abstract combines two distinct, existing styles to create a new artistic direction.

Acrylic and ink on 3D canvas

120cm x 100cm


This is a vibrant contemporary artwork, filled with fiery energy and a great sense of movement. This painting will inject a splash of colour to a room scheme.

Acrylic and ink on 3D canvas

200cm x 100cm


This contemporary abstract is full of colour and light, due to its metallic background gold and vibrant colours. It is best appreciated in person, due to the  high levels of detail held within the different layers of the artwork.

Acrylic and ink on 3D canvas

100cm x 140cm


This abstract is a continuation on the theme of a previous piece called 'The Neon in Our Veins'. It is inspired by pure hedonism and references city lights in the dark, late nights and a sense of freedom. It's built up of many layers and is best seen in person to appreciate the sense of depth which can't be captured in a photograph. It has a corresponding piece of prose.

Acrylic, gold leaf & ink on 3D canvas

200cm x 100cm


A funky, slightly retro, yet very modern artwork, this piece is unequivocally cool and will bring colour and wow factor to a space without being overpowering.

Acrylic and ink on canvas

100cm x 140cm


A serene abstract seascape, this painting will add colour and textural interest whilst remaining calm.

Acrylic & ink on 3D canvas

200cm x 100cm


This contemporary artwork, which was chosen for inclusion in the XV Giornata del Contemporaneo in Rome, depicts the last rays of sunlight falling over water. It is full of rich colour yet easy to live with and will brighten a space. This painting was also awarded the Merit award in the `Waters` international, juried art competition by Art Room Gallery August 2020.

Acrylic on canvas

140cm x 100cm


This abstract was inspired by the organic shapes of flowers growing in untamed nature. It has a sense of wild freedom to it and is colourful without being overpowering.

Acrylic, gold leaf & ink on canvas

200cm x 100cm


Awarded First Place in the the Grey Cube Gallery International, juried, `Skies` Art Competition, this two metre by two metre piece is a truly impactful abstract, which, full of light and atmosphere, will add drama to a space. This painting was also selected to be published in the Guggenheim edition of the World of Art Magazine at the end of 2020.

Acrylic paint, and ink on 3D canvas

200cm x 200cm

(each panel 100cm x 200cm)


A fresh abstract seascape, this painting seeks to capture the sense of light and crisp, clean, air at the coast.

Acrylic paint on 3D canvas

100cm x 100cm


This contemporary abstract considers how we are able to rewire our psychology, creating new neural pathways and replacing old, negative or unhelpful schemata. It is a positive piece which reminds us that everything starts with our thoughts.


Acrylic & ink on 3D canvas

140cm x 100cm